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The Sultanate of Oman is The a unique scuba diving travel destination. Diving the Daymaniyat Islands or around Muscat ; Muscat Diving and Adventure Centre will put together your diving holiday in Oman . Diving in Oman is easy with in tact corals and plenty of fish, try a discover Scuba or Learn to dive with good instructors; take more advanced courses while on holiday in the sun. Ask and we will help. For more general information about Oman please look at this website:www.holiday-in-oman.com

We offer all types of diving packages at the competitive rates.

Oman has many species of dolphins and you can see thousands and defiantly worth a dolphin watching trip, when you�re under water you will see turtles and have the chance to drive and go see them lay their eggs at the reserve, you might be lucky to see hatchlings as well by the hundred. If you like birds then the migration season see�s Oman become a stopping point on the way; on the drive back up either into the mountains 3,000m or look at the desert.

For best value, book a package with diving and a car and accommodation have a day or two days to see Oman; this will get you the best deal.


Answers to frequently asked questions

  1. Women are safe to walk about normally without being hassled.
  2. Swimsuit/bikini should be confined around the hotel beach and pool.
  3. There are no threats of terrorism or hard line fundamental extremists.
  4. Tap water is safe, but for the taste we suggest drinking bottled water.
  5. Malaria: It is not necessary to take tablets in the Muscat area!
  6. Restaurants and street shops are under strict food controls.
  7. All hotels have air conditioners.
  8. We do not have Monsoon in Muscat, that is in the south.
  9. You can get a visa for Oman on arrival at the airport

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